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Mama Koala - PD44113Z-P pig
Mama Koala -  Aliyah - Green Lily
Mama Koala -  Aliyah - Green Lily
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Mama Koala -  Aliyah - Green Lily
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Mama Koala -  Aliyah - Green Lily

Mama Koala - PD44113Z-P pig

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Mama Koala Modern Cloth Nappy   

Comes with Bamboo inserts—1 One Size 4-Layer Bamboo Insert & 1 4-Layer Bamboo booster (newborn size)

Simply stuff the insert inside the pocket opening at the rear of the nappy and adjust the rise & waist snaps to suit your baby. 


  • Suitable for babies & toddlers approximately 3.5kg to 15.5kgs
  • One size fits most - you can adjust the nappy to your desired size (S, M or L) by snapping onto the different rows of buttons on the nappy 
  • Waterproof Outer Layer, no additional covers are needed
  • Super Soft Stay-Dry Lining that takes away the moisture & keeps baby dry
  • Large back pocket opening for easy stuffing of super absorbent insert. 
  • Comfortable leg elastics that contain messes & prevent leak
  • Adjustable mbamboo insert

How to use:

  • Adjust the rise setting to suit your baby & push excess fabric upwards
  • Stuff the insert into the pocket. If in the snap-down position, the fold should go in front for boys and back for girls. For overnight use, you may include additional inserts for extra absorbency.
  • Wrap both wings to the front and fasten securely, leaving no gaps around your baby's legs.

Care Instructions:

Wash all nappies & inserts 3-5 times before first use to increase absorbency. There is no need to dry pail between these washes.

Washing Guidelines:

Dirty Storage: Discard the 'solids' from the nappy into the toilet. If using a liner please avoid flushing these and put them in the bin. Hand rinse & store in a dry well ventilated pail.

Pre-wash at 40-60 degrees on a normal cycle (approx 30 minutes-hour) to remove heavy soiling & urine. Required every 1-2 days. 

Main Wash at 40-60 degrees using a long cycle, using the recommended detergent quantity for heavy soiling.  Do not use bleach or fabric softener.

Air dry covers in the shade. Line dry inserts in the sun.  Tumble dry inserts on a cool setting only if required during the cooler months. Please take great care not to expose nappy shells & wet bags to high heat (from the sun or dryer on high heat settings) as this can damage the elastics & PUL overtime. 

It is recommended that you change your baby's nappy every 2-3 hours