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Wash all nappies & inserts 3-5 times before first use to increase absorbency. There is no need to dry pail between these washes.

Alternatively you can soak overnight and then wash. 

Absorbency will increase overtime. You may need to change your child's nappy more regularly to begin with.

Washing Guidelines:

We highly reccommend using the guidelines outlined by the Australian Nappy Association (ANA)  and Clean Cloth Nappies 

In summary.....

Dirty Storage: For wet nappies - remove all inserts, unsnap cover & store in a dry well ventilated pail.  For soiled nappies discard the 'solids' from the nappy into the toilet. If using a liner please avoid flushing these and put them in the compost or bin. Hand rinse & store in a dry well ventilated pail.

Pre-wash at 40-60 degrees (do not wash above these temperatures as this will damage the PUL) on a normal cycle (approx 30 minutes to hour) to remove heavy soiling & urine. Ensure you select a cycle that drains away the dirty water. Required every 1-2 days. 

Main Wash at 40-60 degrees (do not wash above these temperatures as this will damage PUL) using a long warm cycle, using the recommended detergent quantity for heavy soiling.  Do not use bleach or fabric softener.

Air dry covers in the shade. Line dry inserts in the sun. Please take great care not to expose nappy shells & wet bags to high heat (from the sun or dryer on high heat settings) as this can damage the elastics & waterproof PUL layer overtime.