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Cloth Nappy Washing Made Simple 

Follow our easy guide for washing your modern cloth nappies

1. Flush poo into the toilet if possible

2. Hand rinse briefly to avoid smells prior to washing. 

3. Store in an open dry pail until wash day. The key is ventilation. A small laundry basket or strucket is a great choice for a dry pail. Ensure the nappy is completely unsnapped and inserts are removed. 

4. Pre-wash nappies every 1-2 days in a warm short cycle (40-60 deg celcius). Use half the amount of detergent recommended for a normal load. This step is very important for getting rid of excess poo and wee prior to cleaning the nappies in the main wash.

5. Main wash every 2-3 days. You can add household laundry at this stage until the machine is 2/3 full. Small items are recommended eg tea towel size.. Select a long hot wash (40-60 deg celcius) using the amount of detergent recommended for heavy soiling. 

6. Line dry. Inserts may be tumble dried. 




Covers have no absorbent components so a quick wash is all that is needed to freshen them up.

The best way to prep new inserts is to soak overnight then wash 2-3 times. Absorbency of natural fibers will increase overtime. You may need to change your child's nappy more regularly to begin with.