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Magnet l Shopping / To Do List - Blush

Magnet l Shopping / To Do List - Blush

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Organising Life Beautifully - Fridge Magnet - Shopping / To Do List 

Do away with scraps of paper when you have a reusable shopping/to-do list on the fridge.

Size: 110 x 220mm


  • Personalisation or customisation of layouts is not available for our magnet planners.
  • Magnet planners may not work on all fridge types. Please check your fridge prior to ordering. If a household magnet attaches to your fridge, our planners will too. If your fridge doesn't attract magnets, magnet boards can be purchased at Ikea (svensas), Officeworks etc. We love Moodyboards from Melbourne based company GrowMe
  • Our magnet planners are designed and made in Australia.


Whiteboard markers will not work on the black backgound of this item