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Name Tags for Cloth Nappies - White

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Our Cloth Nappy Tags are perfect for labelling your modern cloth nappies. They are a must have especially if you are planning to use cloth nappies at child care and don't want any of your nappies to go missing. Each nappy tag has a snap at the end which will attach to any free snap on your modern cloth nappies. 

Our tags can be embroidered with either your child's first name or surname so your nappies can be easily identified. Hint - a "surname" allows you to use the tags for multiple children!! 

To prevent prevent fabric from wastage our cloth nappy tags are sold in lots of 5. 

Please note tiny jump stitches between letters will not be trimmed  

Please note this is a made to order item. Current production time is upto 1 week. Your order will not be posted until all items are ready to ship so please keep this in mind when purchasing our cloth nappy tags.