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Lemon Amber & Rose Quartz Infant Necklace (preorder)

Lemon Amber & Rose Quartz Infant Necklace (preorder)

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By Amber Alley 

Lemon Amber & Rose Quartz Infant Necklace

About your amber and gemstone jewellery 

  • Genuine Baltic Amber 
  • jewellery is individually knitted and on silk thread
  • avoid wearing your jewellery in the shower or bath 
  • clean your jewellery occasionally with a damp cloth to get rid of any residue 
  • excessive pulling or playing with your jewellery may result in breakages 

Parent / Guardian responsibilities 

  • Always supervise your child when wearing jewellery
  • remove jewellery from child when they are sleeping 
  • Do not allow child to chew amber jewellery 
  • Inspect jewellery for broken threads / beads

Baltic Amber is sourced from Lithuania and is certified genuine Baltic Amber